Restaurant & Food Tents

Concession menu:

Hotdogs (kraut and onions) $5 .00

Hamburgers/Cheeseburger $7.00

Sausage and peppers sandwiches $9.00

Premade salad cups – (Caeser, grilled chicken Caeser) $7-9

Full line of snacks –(candy bar, chips, granola bar, fruit etc) $2.00

Full line of cold N/A beverage (ice tea, water, Gatorades, soda. Coffee, Hot Tea etc) $2.50-3.00

Beer and wine bar (imported and domestic beers, house cab, chard, merlot, pinot grigio etc) $7-9


Full bar.

Food menu.

Chicken Flautas $12.00

Chicken fingers and French fries $12.00

Mozzarella sticks $9.00

Taco bar (pork, chicken, carne, vegetable, shrimp) $3-5 each

House Salad – with chicken, shrimp $12 plus $2 for chicken $3 for shrimp

Mango Burger – French fries $17.95

Grilled chicken chipotle sandwich -french fries $16.95